The Cannabis Gelato

First Cannabis Ice Cream Franchise

Who are we?

Hemp Brothers has been working in the hemp world globally for years, acquiring solid experience in this sector.

It is the first and only Cannabis Gelato franchise in Europe, offering a wide variety of healthy and gluten-free flavors with cannabis as the main ingredient.

All flavors refer to different Cannabis flowers. We adjust factors such as texture, temperature, fat, and ice cream flavor. The gelato shop will also sell crepes made on the spot, packaged food products such as cookies, muffins, brownies, lollipops, chocolate, candy, tea, and hemp-based drinks.

Its excellent interior design and decoration proposal and a well-developed communication strategy allow it to offer a unique, themed, but authentic and differentiated image.

The Cannabis Gelato is revolutionizing the market with an authentic and original proposal. It is a new culinary trend and has arrived to stay. The quality and development of unique cannabis flavors in our ice cream provide unforgettable experiences for those who try them.

The The Cannabis Gelato franchise concept has developed a model that fits perfectly with the taste and demands of any generation. Italian and high-quality ice cream that offers a different experience adapted to current demand.

The Keys to Success of The Cannabis Gelato

  • No competition. We are the only cannabis ice cream franchise in the market.

  • The quality and flavor of all our products, homemade and gluten-free. Low initial investment.

  • Easy to manage business.

Does the franchise investment include?

  • Use of the The Cannabis Gelato by Hemp Brothers brand and initial business advice.

  • Exclusive zone.

  • Use of coordinated brand image.

  • Analysis and calculations of estimated profits.

  • Advice for evaluating and choosing a location, designing and adapting it.

  • Complete setup of the local, which must be between 10 and 35m2, excluding construction and masonry work.

  • Local furniture: Display fridge, negative freezer, negative counter freezer, glass display cases, shelves… and everything needed for sale.


Legal advice for the opening of the ice cream shop from the start of the commercial relationship.


Three-day training course in which the sector legislation, our catalog products, and sales techniques will be exposed.


We develop national and international campaigns that allow for brand and product recognition, offering a differential value to our customers. We optimize communication in the ice cream shop and provide materials to improve brand presence at the point of sale.


From the operations team, we help to make the most of the business. Continuous assistance and training on our products and any changes in the reference sector aspects. Direct support in managing the premises with continuous follow-ups.


The franchise cost starts from 29,900€ (goods separate). The first merchandise costs around 6,000 euros.

To ease the opening of the store, the first franchise payment will be 19,000€ and will be paid upon signing the contract. The remaining amount will be made in two parts: 4,450 euros 30 days after the opening of the ice cream shop, and 4,450 euros 60 days after the opening. This way, the two payments can be covered with the store's own earnings.

Exclusivity of a specific area can be requested by paying a deposit of 3,000 euros, which will be deducted at the time of signing the Franchise contract. The reservation of the area has a duration of 3 months. After this period, the deposit cannot be returned.

In some EU countries, we have established agreements with some financial institutions that can help finance the project. In this case, the franchise price will be paid in full at the time of loan concession.

Franchise profitability

  • According to the population and the impact of tourism in the area, we can identify the expected revenue: it can reach up to 500,000 euros per year and with discounts of up to 40%.
  • Important aspects when choosing a location:
    • Commercial streets with high tourist traffic, promenades, pedestrian streets and, in general, areas with high foot traffic.

    • Possibility of a terrace. Previous use of the establishment recommended.

    • If the location was previously a hospitality business, much of the facilities will already be in place and the renovation to be made will be of lesser magnitude.

The main success beyond logistical and operational issues lies in the positioning of a unique and differentiated space that stands out from a fashion store.

Location is important with high foot traffic. The franchise has a dedicated team to provide support in the search for locations in the prime areas of different locations.

Do you want to open a Cannabis Gelato shop?

Ask us for information.