the Cannabis Bistrot

First cannabis bar-restaurant franchise in Europe.

Who we are?

Hemp Brothers has been working in the hemp world globally for years, acquiring solid experience in this sector.

The Cannabis Bistrot is the first and only cannabis (CBD) bar-restaurant franchise in Europe. It offers a wide range of healthy products that use cannabis as the main ingredient. Hemp seeds are among the most nutritionally complete sources on the planet.

The Cannabis Bistrot offers a service of appetizers, food, dinner, cocktail bar, liquor, juices and hemp-based smoothies. It will also have a CBD product sales point such as flowers, extracts, CBD oils, merchandising and other hemp-related products.

Its excellent interior design and decoration proposal and a well-developed communication strategy allow it to offer a unique, themed but authentic and differentiated image.

The concept of the Cannabis Bistrot franchise has developed a model that fits perfectly to the taste and demands of any generation.

Quality products that offer a different and adapted gastronomic experience to the current demand.

The keys to the success of The Cannabis Bistrot:

No competition. Unique Cannabis Bistrot franchise in the market

High-quality products

  • Low staffing requirements and no need for skilled workers
  • The location does not require smoke ventilation
  • Easy business management
  • High profitability

Does the investment for the franchise include?

  • A no-obligation meeting with the commercial department to obtain all the brand information.
  •  Assistance in searching for the best location with the help of our real estate department.
  • The franchisor provides support in searching for financing.
  • Introduction meetings with the franchisee to explain the functioning of each department.
  • Training in the systems necessary for the correct operation of the business.
  • Periodic visits by the operations team.
  • Continued on-site and online support.
  • The estimated time for the opening of Bistrot will be around 2/3 months.
  • Local furnishings: Display fridge, tables, chairs, bar counter, countertops, sofas, glass showcases, shelves… and everything necessary for sales and public service.


We provide personalized support and advice in the search for premises, locations and in the possible business development options.


We offer training to the franchisee on business management and profitability, as well as to the staff on procedures and operations.


We develop national and international campaigns that allow brand recognition and knowledge of our products to offer a differential value to our customers. We optimize communication in restaurants and provide material to improve brand presence at the point of sale.


From the operations team, we help make the most of the business. Direct support in managing the premises with continuous follow-ups.

The cost of the franchise (does not include the first goods) depends on the size of the premises, with an approximate value of 1,400 euros per square meter. If the establishment has kitchen equipment, its investment can decrease by up to 30%. The cost of the first goods is approximately 20,000 euros.

Payment Method: To make it easier to open the store, 60% of the franchise cost will be paid at the time of signing the contract. The remaining 40% will be paid respecting the following terms: 20% with the delivery of the premises and 20% final in three instalments 30, 60 and 90 days after the opening.

Recognition of a 3.5% royalty on the annual revenues.
It is not necessary to have a smoke outlet.

The premises must have an area of at least 100m2.

Concept adaptable to the size of the location and market typology it is located in.

The location will need to have smooth, defined walls, electrical and plumbing installations completed according to the plan we choose.

Bar-restaurant license, without smoke evacuation obligation.

Location: Commercial streets with high tourist traffic, seaside walks, pedestrian streets, and generally areas with high footfall. Possibility of terrace.

Previous use of the establishment is recommended. If the location was previously a hospitality business, most of the installations will already be in place and the renovation required will be of a smaller scale.

Franchise profitability

According to the population and the impact of tourism in the area, we can identify the expected billing: it can reach up to 1,200,000 euros per year and with margin of up to 33%.

Important factors when choosing a location:

Commercial streets with high tourist traffic, promenades, pedestrian streets, and generally, areas with hight pedestrian traffic.

Possibility of terrace.

Previous use of the establishment is advisable. If the location was previously a hospitality business, most of the facilities will already be in place and the renovation to be carried out will be smaller in scale.

The main success beyond logistics and exploitation lies in the positioning of a unique and differentiated space capable of standing out against a fashion outlet.

Location is important, with high footfall. The franchise has a dedicated team providing support in finding premises located in the prime areas of different locations.

Do you want to open a Cannabis Bistro shop?

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